APD1214H: Critical Multicultural Practice: Diversity Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Credit Value

The course is designed to introduce students to the field of counselling in the context of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multi-racial, multi-gendered and multi-abled society. The course seeks to define and locate multicultural counselling studies within the broader historical, economic, social and political contexts of mental health care. Through a critical examination of 'race', gender , ethnicity, sexual orientations, disability and social class students would establish an understanding of the theoretical and conceptual ideas that form the basis of practice with minority clients. Key concepts such as identity and multiple identities, power, stereotyping, discrimination, prejudice and oppression will be explored in relation to women, Aboriginal, ethnic minorities, lesbian, gay men and disabled clients. Through discussions, seminar presentations and experiential learning, the course will support the development of appropriate counselling skills and competencies to practice in a clinically anti-oppressive way.

Graduate Department
Applied Psychology and Human Development