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APD1200H Foundations of Human Development and Education

All students of human development are interested in two questions: What develops? What influences development? In this course we are also interested in a third question: What is the role of formal education in human development? This course will provide an opportunity for students to construct an overall perspective on development and education, and to be introduced to the main areas of expertise among the faculty.

APD1201H Child and Adolescent Development

This course addresses issues and developmental changes in children and the factors involved in child development. Infancy, the preschool period, early school years, intermediate years, and adolescence are covered. Clinical and/or educational issues may be covered in some sections of this course.

APD1202Y Theories and Techniques of Counselling and Psychotherapy

An appraisal of a number of basic theories of counselling and approaches to inducing client change. Full-time Guidance and Counselling students may take APD1202Y concurrently with APD1203Y. Counselling students will have priority for enrolment in this course.

APD1203Y Practicum I: Interventions in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy

This course is intended to provide students with basic skills in clinical assessment and counselling interventions. Among others, issues related to the assessment of risk, history taking, clinical formulation, and the relationship between assessment and intervention will be addressed. Basic counselling interventions such as empathic responding, exploration of client's affect and cognitions, and problem solving will be explored. The course emphasizes the therapeutic relationship as well as the importance of ethical and legal issues in the provision of therapy. While the course presents...

APD1202Y, for Counselling students only. Full-time Counselling students may take APD1203Y concurrently with APD1202Y.

APD1204H Personality Theories

Current theories and research on personality are reviewed from several perspectives, including psychoanalytic, interpersonal, humanistic, trait, psychobiological, operant, and social cognitive. Topics include personality development and consistency, personality change, conscious and unconscious functioning, aggression, learned helplessness, personality disorders, sex and gender issues, and cross-cultural personality theories. Major theoretical approaches to personality within the context of clinical counseling psychology. This will include philosophical assumptions, key concepts, the...

APD1205H Ethical Issues in Applied Psychology

This course provides students with an overview of legal, ethical, and professional issues as they relate to the practice of psychology. The current regulatory model of psychology in Ontario and its implications for practice are reviewed. The Canadian Code of Ethics, College of Psychologists' Standards of Professional Conduct, federal and provincial legislation, and case law that apply to practice in Ontario are reviewed as they relate to issues of confidentiality, record keeping, consent, competence, professional boundaries, and diversity issues in assessment, psychotherapy, and research....

APD1206H Mind, Brain, & Instruction

The aim of this course is to provide a graduate level overview of a rapidly emerging field of research and application: Mind Brain and Education, also called Science of Learning, or Educational Neuroscience. The goal of this field is to bring together the theories, findings and methodologies of cognitive science, developmental science, education and neuroscience to understand the human mind/brain and its development and to devise effective ways to support learning and education.

MEd students must have at least one of APD1233H or APD1249H, or permission of instructor.

APD1207H Counselling Topics in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Diversity

This course will review the research findings and clinical case literature in selected areas of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender psychology with reference to their implications for professional practice in counselling psychology. Particular emphasis will be given to the clinical and research implications of sexual orientation identity acquisition, bias crime victimization, same sex domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, gender dysphoria, and alcohol and substance use. Students will come to a greater appreciation and understanding of the special counselling needs of clients from differing...

APD1209H Research Methods and Thesis Preparation in Human Development and Applied Psychology

This course reviews foundational skills necessary for the successful completion of the MA thesis. The primary goals will be to develop: the ability to draw valid conclusions from quantitative evidence; the ability to critique published research articles; the ability to conduct a well designed piece of research; the ability to write up that research in a format appropriate for a journal article or thesis. The course deals with research methods, the conceptual foundations of statistics, and the preparation of a thesis/research report. The aim is to try to integrate these three things (...

APD1210H Research Practicum RM

This research practicum-based course is designed to give students an opportunity to work closely with faculty on a research project. Students attend classes and colloquium presentations where they discuss the nature and range of current research in applied psychology, education, and human development. They are also linked with a faculty member in the department and work in their research lab on a project. Research work in the lab includes attending research meetings and may include a range of different research activities such as data collection, coding, and analyses. All students also...

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