Registrar's Office and Student Experience

The Registrar's Office and Student Experience (ROSE), as the hub of OISE, is often the first and last point-of-contact for many clients and serves and supports diverse future and current students removing barriers and obstacles to facilitate a positive experience.

ROSE delivers student-centred, community-focused and integrated services in an environment of mutual respect that attracts, supports and engages students. Collectively, we make ROSE an inviting and a great place to work, learn and grow.

At ROSE, community members are able to request, receive, and retrieve a wealth of information that they need: viewbooks, application, admission, digital forms, course registration, student record management, account information, fee payments, financial advice, bursaries, scholarships, awards, OISE Bulletin, counseling, referrals, well-being, accommodations, student communications, career services, OISE Student Success Centre, professional development, convocation and much more. We promote equitable access to academic and professional development programs and to financial and personal services beneficial to diverse student success. We protect the integrity of academic records, we guard the value of OISE degrees, we support the success and wellness of students and we collaborate across divisions.

Information regarding resources and programming can be found on the ROSE website

Information on all major University of Toronto student services and facilities is available on the University of Toronto's Student Life website