APD3160H: Advanced Family Therapy

Credit Value

This is an advanced level doctoral course that will build on the knowledge and clinical skills acquired in the introductory course in the theory and practice of Family Therapy. This course is for students enrolled in the EdD in either the adult or the adolescent emphasis. Students will be expected to be familiar with a number of different models of family therapy, including systemic, strategic, structural and behavioural. The course will focus on one of these models in depth, including conceptual frameworks, methods of assessment as well as intervention strategies. Issues related to the formation and maintenance of the therapeutic alliance in family therapy as well as specific challenges related to working with families will be addressed. The course will take a developmental perspective in terms of the family from early formation through maturity taking into account the developmental needs of different family members. Thus students will have the opportunity to focus on children, adolescents, young and older adults within a family context.

Graduate Department
Applied Psychology and Human Development