APD3163H: Advanced Multicultural Counselling and Psychotherapy

Credit Value

This seminar course will familiarise students with current issues and debates concerning research and practice of counselling psychology and psychotherapy in a multicultural society. The course seeks to define, redefine and locate multicultural counselling and psychotherapy research within the broader economic, social and political contexts of health care provision and practices (particularly in Canada). Through a post-colonial critique of psychiatry, clinical and counselling psychology, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and counselling, the seminar attempts to raise questions regarding the theory, practice and research with ethnic minority clients. The seminar also offers a critical examination of the concepts of multicultural, multiethnic, and other nomenclatures, particularly assessing the epistemological and ontological histories and complexities in relation to ways in which theory, practice and research is undertaken in counselling psychology. The seminar is appropriate for students considering a dissertation proposal in critical multicultural counselling and psychotherapy. Students will review, analyse and redesign representative studies in the critical multicultural counselling psychology and psychotherapy literatures and methodology which will eventually lead to a thesis proposal.

Graduate Department
Applied Psychology and Human Development