APD3301H: Issues in Child Study and Education: Research, Policy, and Problems of Practice (RM)

Credit Value

Child Study is the systematic interdisciplinary investigation of the way children adapt and change in order to provide them with more supportive learning environments and increase the likelihood of positive outcomes. Child study is a professional practice skill, a critical attitude, and a belief system based on inquiry, best evidence and reflection. This course offers an advanced consideration of how child study history, concepts, and research are related to issues and challenges in childhood education. The aim of the course will be to provide students with an advanced understanding of the field of child study through an examination of the history, theories, and breadth of research in child study. Students will analyze issues in child study and education, apply a child study framework to their area of interest, articulate a researchable problem of practice of interest in their organization/community, and identify policies that influence/connect with their problem of practice. Students will also gain specialized knowledge and competencies in utilizing action research frameworks to engage in professional inquiry, policy analysis, and research drawing on child study lens.

Graduate Department
Applied Psychology and Human Development