APD3303H: Advanced Study of Tools and Research Methods for Investigating Problems of Practice: Data-Driven Research for Decision-Making

Credit Value

This course will build on students’ understandings of problems of practice in child study through the advanced study of tools and research methods for investigating problems in practice. Students will develop knowledge of different research methodologies and their uses. They will develop strong literacy in research methods as they analyse studies in their area of interest. They will continue to refine and clarify their problem of practice and potential methods to study and understand how to address their problem of practice through research. This course also assists students in selecting a methodology that will use this to design their own exploration of their problem in practice. They will also learn how data-blends empirical educational research with the theory-driven design of learning contexts for their thesis - Dissertation in Practice (DIP). Students will develop an understanding of how educational innovations work in practice and based decision-making can support students’ outcomes and inform instructional and administrative decision-making.

Graduate Department
Applied Psychology and Human Development