APD3304H: Research Proposal Development (RM)

Credit Value

This course focuses on supporting students as they prepare their research proposal. The course aims to advance the research, writing, and practice elements and at the same time create an academic community. Students will be asked to complete a preliminary literature review and identify and describe a proposed problem of practice with the class to receive feedback and guidance within this collaborative setting. Students will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of ethical guidelines for research, and identify potential research challenges they may face in their research. This course will complement the students’ work with their thesis advisor as this course provides a community of learners who can support the critical thinking processes embedded within creating a research proposal. The course will include in class seminars where students will spend part of the class working in small groups with others who are at the same stage of the journey; online support; individual meetings. The course provides supportive feedback on their key skills such as synthesizing research findings, writing analytically, and creating clear statements of issues and problems of practice. Students will also have the opportunity to present their work in a friendly, supportive community to build their oral and written communication skills.

Graduate Department
Applied Psychology and Human Development