CRE1001H: Éducation, francophonies et diversité


This seminar proposes to study, from a range of perspectives, Francophone minorities within local, national and international spaces. It will discuss the processes of minoritization and exclusion existing within and towards francophone minorities. The study of issues structuring the French-speaking space is an opportunity to bring to light the transformative processes that have taken shape, have been contested, and which have succeeded each other as debates have evolved over time and to identify the actors involved, their motivations, the context of their actions and the categories of classification that emerged from these debates. Similarly, the study of linguistic minorities has led to the exploration of a large number of theoretical concepts and advances stemming from various disciplines and traditions. This seminar will thus serve as a forum for examining how to achieve a better understanding of the issues facing linguistic minorities and to formulate new research questions by using various theoretical orientations and putting them to work.

This is the core required course for all students enrolled in the Collaborative Specialization: Education, Francophonies and Diversity.

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning