CTL1121H: Foundations of Wellness Through a Phenomenology of Practice

Credit Value

This course will focus on the holistic nature of wellness, through a phenomenology of practice. Phenomenology of practice is an approach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the objects of direct experience and relates to the meaning and practice of phenomenology in professional contexts, as well as the practice of phenomenological methods in the context of everyday living. In this course, phenomenological reflection, using aspects of multimedia, will be employed in a concentrated effort to engage with the complexity of the topic of wellness. The course begins with questions relating to the meaning of “wellness,” by exploring philosophical and historical orientations towards wellness. Seminars will survey concepts, issues and approaches associated with wellness and educative practice. Theoretical and practical problems will be examined through themes such as sources of self, reality constructions, human agency and awareness.

Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning