CTL1325H: Citizenship Education, Pedagogy, and School Communities

Credit Value

This course is designed to explore and analyze evolving and contrasting characterizations of citizenship education in school communities, primarily in Canada. Particular attention is given to the ways in which teachers translate varying theoretical perspectives and curricular intentions into pedagogical practice as they address such themes as informed citizenship, civic identity, civic literacy, controversial public issues, and community engagement and activism. Instruction for this course includes a mixture of directed and interactive presentations, discussion, and inquiry modes. In doing so, candidates are provided with opportunities to deepen their language of conceptualization, their skills of analysis and critique, and their research abilities. Candidates will also be encouraged to take a personal stance on curricular and pedagogical perspectives in relation to citizenship education.

Note: This course was formerly numbered as CTL1799H Citizenship education, pedagogy, and school communities. Students who have successfully completed that course are prohibited from taking CTL1325H.
Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning