CTL1332H: Introduction to Decolonization in Education

Credit Value

The purpose of this course is to introduce concepts and ideas related to processes of colonization and struggles for decolonization. The course seeks to engage in a reflection process of what it means to decolonize and to teach for decolonization, particularly when doing educational work within a settler colonial context. The course will focus on introducing selected foundational texts from decolonial thinkers and considering specific decolonization movements from different parts of the world. The course will gravitate around what Edward Said might call a “contrapuntal” reading of key texts from scholars of color about the topic of colonization and decolonization, which will weave around a process of reflection on how we are all impacted in and affected by ongoing colonization. This will involve a consideration of what we mean by colonization, and what are different colonial modes to impose particular knowledge frameworks in order to secure control over land as well as human and natural resources. The aim of the course is to begin to develop an initial understanding of what education for decolonization might mean by engaging “classic” texts while reflecting on how we are implicated in and/or impacted by colonization.

Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning