CTL1623H: Immersive Technology in Education

Credit Value

This course deals with the appropriate use of immersive technology (virtual reality, augmented reality, 360° video, 3D learning environments) as it pertains to curricula and education. This course examines the novel role of immersive technology as tools for educators and students to engage, enhance, and extend curricula beyond conventional methods. Also included is a discussion of issues related to educational trends and initiatives, theoretical frameworks, as well as subject and classroom integration. The major emphasis is on assessing the specific academic context (of students, the teacher, the learning environment, and curriculum objectives) that immersive technology can address in an educational and safe manner. This course will consist of twelve (12) lessons which will offer a variety of study methodologies, approaches, and activities: online videoconferencing with lectures, small-group student discussions, and student-led tech insights. Student reflection exercises will be conducted via online peer feedback forms, academic readings, online discussion forums, and exploration of digital resources.

Enrolment Limits
Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning