CTL1809H: Narrative and Story in Research and Professional Practice [RM]

Credit Value
The overarching objective of the course is to prepare students to conduct narrative inquiry research and self-study research in their doctoral and master's research projects. In this approach to narrative inquiry research, narrative is understood as a fundamental form of experience, and also as a collection of methods used for the study of experience and the representation of meanings.
The course provides students with a variety of opportunities to explore the philosophical underpinnings and arts-based methods of narrative inquiry research and self-study research from a holistic perspective. Students are encouraged to formulate the research designs and methods for their own projects, and the written assignments, in-class research activities and presentations, and course readings are all designed to help them to do so. 
Classes involve small study groups, research and presentation partnerships, and dialogue and discussion, in a collaborative learning environment of shared knowledge making and community building.
It is strongly recommended that this course be taken after an introductory course in qualitative research methods has been completed.
Permission of instructor
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Curriculum, Teaching and Learning