CTL7006H: Educational Research 1

Credit Value

Educational Research 1 is a graduate seminar designed to foster MT candidates’ research literacy and deepen their understanding of the role that research plays in the field of education. Candidates learn how to access, interpret, synthesize, and critically evaluate research literature. This course is designed to develop candidates’ identities as teacher-researchers who engage in critical inquiry as a key component of their professional practice. Research for educational equity and social justice is integral to the course. The course facilitates examination of the politics of knowledge production and use, as well as citation practices. Candidates learn how to examine power dynamics between researcher and researched, and are guided toward deepening their understanding of researcher subjectivities and research as relational. Candidates are provided with opportunities to critically reflect on how their positionality shapes their identities and practices as teacher-researchers. Throughout the course, candidates review the research literature in an area of education that interests them. The culminating assignment of the course is a 3750-5000-word research paper. Educational Research 1 (CTL7006H) is a prerequisite for Educational Research 2 (CTL7015H). 

Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning