CTL7007H: Authentic Assessment


This course presents an overview of the basic concepts, practices, and current research associated with effective assessment and evaluation in Ontario classrooms. Teacher candidates will develop an understanding of Ontario curriculum and policy documents as relevant to the professional obligations of student assessment and evaluation, grading and reporting. Examination of effective strategies of assessment for, as, and of learning is at the core of this course. Drawing on current research, attention may be given to topics such as validity and reliability, assessment tool design, success criteria, quality feedback, performance assessment, authentic assessment, portfolios, self-evaluation, data gathering and management, standardized testing in provincial or large-scale assessments, as well as assessment related beliefs, attitudes, and issues of psychological well-being. Related issues of equity and a critical stance are infused and discussed throughout the course.

This course is normally open only to students in the MT program. Students may not take CTL 1019.

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning