CTL7010H: Issues in Numeracy and Literacy

Credit Value

In this course, Primary/Junior teacher candidates will explore theoretical and current issues in numeracy and literacy spanning kindergarten through grade eight. Integration with other subject areas and course work will be addressed. The experiences in this course are intended to help teacher candidates bridge theory and practice, and articulate personal beliefs and experiences related to literacy and numeracy. This course is normally open only to students in the Teaching program.

Teacher candidates in the Junior/Intermediate division will explore a variety of both theoretical and current issues related to junior and intermediate schooling. The importance of content area curriculum, including the drama and dance curriculum; integration of curriculum across subject areas, community in classrooms and schools; culturally responsive teaching; and out of school experiences will be addressed. In the literacy portion of this course, there will be an emphasis on critical literacy, drama curriculum and dance curriculum specific and overall expectations. The course is intended to help student teachers understand the complexity of the junior/intermediate panel and particular issues regarding working with adolescents. Student teachers will be encouraged to articulate personal beliefs as they relate to teaching of drama, dance, critical literacy, and mathematics, as well as working with students, and the role of the teacher.

Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning