CTL7020Y: Curriculum and Teaching in English - Intermediate/Senior

Credit Value

This course will introduce candidates to the methodologies and issues relevant to teaching English in Ontario in the Intermediate and Senior divisions (Grades 7-12). Written, visual and virtual texts such as literature, media and technology define the content. Topics include teaching textual forms, writing processes, classroom language and media/technology. Teacher candidates will read, write, view, talk and represent their understanding of text to reflect on English/Language Arts practices and theories, as preparation for informed curriculum planning and implementation. The content, methodologies, evaluation and skill requirements in English/Language Arts will be linked to Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines. This course is normally open only to students in the Master of Teaching program.

Students must have six full-year university courses in English if selected as the first choice teaching subject, or three full-year university courses if selected as the second choice teaching subject.
Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning