CTL7023Y: Curriculum and Teaching in Science: Biology - Intermediate/Senior

Credit Value

This course will introduce candidates to the methodologies and issues relevant to teaching Biology in Ontario in the Intermediate and Senior divisions (Grades 7-12). The course provides opportunities to develop a practical understanding of instructional methods and skills through unit and lesson planning in a variety of classroom contexts. Furthermore, candidates will be introduced to safe laboratory work, the effective selection and use of resources, the integration of technology into teaching, a variety of assessment/evaluation strategies, and to creating an inclusive and motivating learning environment. Throughout the program, efforts are made to integrate theoretical ideas and perspectives from the educational research literature with teaching and learning practices in schools. This course is normally open only to students in the Master of Teaching program.

Students must have six full-year university courses in Science, with a minimum of four full-year courses in Biology (regardless of whether it is the first or second choice teaching subject). For further details about prerequisites in Science-Biology, refer to the website for Master of Teaching > Prerequisites (see lower half of MT webpage): http://www.oise.utoronto.ca/mt/Prerequisites.html
Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning