CTL7026Y: Curriculum and Teaching in Science: General

Credit Value

This course provides a practical and conceptual introduction to the teaching of Intermediate and senior Science. It consists of a series of lectures, seminars, and laboratory workshops designed to emphasize the expectations, pedagogy, methodology, and content of science. The course is designed to assist students to explore: the teaching and learning process, the pedagogical considerations in teaching science; and the challenges of teaching science as a curriculum subject in schools with a diverse student population and research in science education. It is also designed to help develop the knowledge and skills of curriculum development within the context of curriculum theory and to support personal reflection within the context of contemporary classrooms or other education settings.

Students must have six full-year university courses in Science, with a minimum of one full-year course in each area of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (regardless of whether it is the first or second choice teaching subject). For further details about prerequisites in Science-General, refer to the website for Master of Teaching > Prerequisites (see lower half of MT webpage): http://www.oise.utoronto.ca/mt/Prerequisites.html
Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning