CTL7031Y: Curriculum and Teaching in Health and Physical Education

Credit Value

This course examines the underlying principles of teaching Health and Physical Education in the Intermediate/ Senior division for the 21st century learner by drawing on current research, current philosophies and the overarching goals of Health and Physical Education. This course of study prepares future teachers to enable their students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become both physically and health literate in order to lead healthy active lives and promote healthy active living for others. Attention will be paid to the importance of supporting students in making positive personal health choices, enhancing their personal fitness and further developing movement skills, strategies and tactics to promote their participation in a wide variety of physical activities. Effective teaching strategies and practices in Health and Physical Education will be addressed. The importance of quality instruction as it fits into a comprehensive school health model will also be explored.

Students must have six full-year university courses in Health and Physical Education if selected as the first choice teaching subject, or three full-year university courses if selected as the second choice teaching subject.
Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning