CTL7034Y: Curriculum and Teaching in French as a Second Language

Credit Value

This course will help teacher candidates develop the skills, knowledge, and professionalism expected of beginning core French teachers at the Intermediate and Senior levels. We will focus on:

  1. methods and techniques to facilitate the teaching/learning of listening, speaking, reading and writing as interrelated processes
  2. integrating grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, culture, language awareness, learning strategies, media, technology, literature, and a variety of assessment strategies into lesson plans and long-term teaching units which reflect current Ministry of Education guidelines;
  3. electronic conferencing to support a collegial learning environment;
  4. the creation of a professional electronic portfolio.

Candidates will be involved in reflective and active learning. This course is offered in French.

Students must have six full-year university courses in French AND demonstrated written and oral proficiency (regardless of whether it is the first or second choice teaching subject). For further details about prerequisites in French, refer to the website for Master of Teaching > Prerequisites (see lower half of MT webpage): http://www.oise.utoronto.ca/mt/Prerequisites.html
Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning