CTL7055H: Intermediate Teaching Subjects - Mathematics

Credit Value

This course is designed to prepare teacher candidates to teach students mathematics at the Grade 7-10 level in a thoughtful and interactive way. It focuses on mathematics at the Intermediate level. Teacher candidates will explore a variety of teaching techniques, which are useful in teaching and assessing today's students as they experience the current mathematics curriculum.

Teacher candidates will also have an opportunity to engage in inquiry and examine unique ways for presenting mathematics content. Examining classroom practice and methods, curriculum and program materials are an important component of the process. As well, the interdependence of these components, their link with theory and contemporary issues will be considered.

Techniques such as discussion, presentations, inquiry, and active participation that incorporate individual and group learning will be employed. Opportunities for sharing of ideas and experiences from field placements will be provided in the context of the classroom setting.

Two important ideas that will be emphasized throughout the program are: how to make mathematics meaningful for children, and how to promote positive attitudes.

Students must have three full-year university courses in Mathematics. For further details about prerequisites in Mathematics, refer to the website for Master of Teaching > Prerequisites (see lower half of MT webpage): http://www.oise.utoronto.ca/mt/Prerequisites.html
Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning