CTL7070H: Sustainability Education: Issues & Practice

Credit Value

The Sustainability course is designed to assist candidates in the Master of Teaching Program in implementing the Ontario curriculum for Environmental Education (MOE 2017) within their subject specializations, and, heeding the United Nations' repeated calls for action on sustainable development, to promote both critical and caring perspectives on the serious ecological and humanitarian challenges we face globally and locally. 

The course will survey various aspects of the broad topic space: environmental sustainability education, place-based education, sustainable development goals, global citizenship education, and eco-justice. The course builds upon and compliments learning in the other foundations courses without repeating the content: CTL7074H-Issues in Educational Law, Policy and Ethics; CTL7073H-Indigenous Experiences of Racism and Settler Colonialism in Canada: An Introduction; and, CTL7009H-Anti-Discriminatory Education.  

Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning