CTL7074H: Issues in Educational Law, Policy and Ethics

Credit Value

As a required course in a professional program, there are both professional and academic rationales underpinning this course. Teachers and high schools are governed by a range of shifting and variably interpreted legal, policy and ethical mandates which have been produced in a range of historical, political and institutional contexts. One key aim of this course is to assure that teacher candidates are aware of their professional and legal rights and responsibilities, as defined by national and provincial legislation, local school board policy, and professional advisories. Another aim of the course is to explore ethical nuances and challenges in teaching while aiming to interpret and respond to relevant legislation that helps to define the teacher's professional role. Using academic research literature, policy documents, and case studies, the course blends theory with the consideration of practical in-school situations in order to enable teacher candidates to analyse policy, ethical and legal tensions in teaching. The course thus aims to rigorously explore teachers' professional contexts so as to inform their daily practice through thoughtful ethical reflection in light of legal and policy considerations.

Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning