CTL7088H: Curriculum and Teaching in Visual Arts

Credit Value

As a part of the Curriculum & Instruction course, this module is designed to introduce you to strategies and approaches for teaching Visual Arts Education to Primary and/or Junior learners. This course is designed to help OISE MT students (re)discover the theory and practice of Art Education, as well as understand and apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for effective teaching and learning that meets the diverse needs of students. Over the course you will become more competent and confident in working with learning tools and resources in each of these areas of the curriculum; developing lesson themes and ideas; and devising questions and learning activities for students. You will become familiar with the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum policy documents: The Arts (2009), core concepts and teaching techniques, methods for integrating Art Education with other disciplines, including social justice, environmental education and indigenous approaches to knowing. Current ways of thinking about and teaching Art Education may differ significantly from when beginning teachers were students; therefore one of the aims of the course is to introduce new ways of thinking about these disciplines and their role in contemporary approaches to teaching and learning methodology for learning across the curriculum will provide a framework for the course.

Graduate Department
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning