CTL7100H: Mathematics Concepts for Elementary Teacher Candidates


This course equips students with the math knowledge and skills needed by Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate teachers. A strong foundation in math content knowledge is necessary for teachers to build pedagogical content knowledge capacities. Students will develop an understanding of numeracy concepts in: quantity relationships, operational sense and proportional reasoning. The course will build on problem solving content skills in multiplication, division, order of operations, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, integers, exponents, manipulating expressions and solving algebraic equations. Students will be immersed in meta-cognition as math learners and will reflect on their own math strengths, needs and learning styles. The course will offer various math pedagogies, such as math games and hands-on activities suitable for elementary classes. At the beginning of the course, teacher candidates may opt into taking a math proficiency test geared at the grade 8 and 9 level. Students who earn a minimum achievement of 90% on the test will earn an immediate CR grade for CTL 7100H and will be excused from the remainder of the course. This test is most appropriate for teacher candidates who have a major or minor in math for their undergraduate degree.

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning