LHA1040H: Introduction to Educational Leadership and Policy: Policy, Leadership, Change, and Diversity

Credit Value

This course provides an introduction to educational policy, leadership and change in general and to this program in particular by focusing on foundational concepts and theories significant to the understanding of education and educational administration. It offers a critical examination of a wide range of topics central to educational administration, educational policy, leadership and change, such as organization, community, power, authority, change, difference, leadership, and values. This examination will take into account major historical developments in the field as well as differing theoretical stances or paradigms, such as positivism, functionalism, interpretivism, critical pedagogy, feminism, post-structuralism and post-modernism. The course will help students understand how to use theory to make sense of educational practice in productive ways.

All ELP master's candidates are strongly recommended to take either LHA1040H as one of the first courses in their program.
Graduate Department
Leadership, Higher and Adult Education