LHA1860H: Capstone Project for Higher Education Leadership Cohort Option

Credit Value

This course will provide students the opportunity to review, integrate and synthesize what they have learned in their learning experience, and apply these in a Capstone project. The Capstone Project that is the goal of this course will be a culminating, comprehensive and scholarly project completed near or at the end of the M.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership option.

The Capstone project will address one or more complex empirical issue(s) relevant to the leadership challenges in the students’ professional work context. The project will ask the students to demonstrate their ability to identify and define the issue/problem, conduct an insightful analysis and critique of the scholarly literature that informs the issue. This includes philosophical foundations, theoretical frameworks, conceptual models and the research methodologies employed (consistent with the COU, Quality Assurance Framework, Updated 2019, GDLEs, pp.34-35). They are expected to gather relevant secondary or primary data and propose feasible strategies/approaches to resolve the issue(s). Implications for implementation of the proposed resolution will be clearly identified and supported. Students may have an opportunity to participate in the organization and delivery of a Leadership Forum for the dissemination of knowledge gained.

Graduate Department
Leadership, Higher and Adult Education